How can a business Directory like Enoweek help in supporting your business?

14 August 2021

Like Google My Business, Yellow Page, LinkedIn business, Enoweek enables you to show your business to local customers. But, you are probably wondering how a business directory really helps in supporting businesses. In this small blog post, we will see how a local directory helps businesses generate more money.

What is a local directory?

A local directory is a website that enables businesses to post their information with the purpose of getting more customers. On the other hand, customers would use business directory to search products and services around their area. If we take as an example Google through Google My Business, you will notice that when you search for a business, Google will suggest some information with phone, website and probably rating. As a user, you can rely on this information to know more about what a business do and decide whether you want to call them. 

What does a business directory mean for customers?

As a consumer, it is not always easy to find what we want. Most of the time, we search across the internet and spent hours to visit and compare products or services. With a business directory, you can save time and get all the businesses’ information from a single platform. Furthermore, if the directory provides features like rating, contact information, you would be able to take a final decision without having to leave the website. Here are few advantages of a business directory. 

  • Spend less time searching for products and services 
  • Focus on quality products with advice from other consumers 
  • The directory help in limiting bad services (bad reports would affect businesses; hence they would try their best to provide the best)
  • Consume local product/services and help the community. With the geocoding option, you can target businesses near you and buy from your community.

How can a business directory help businesses?

For a business, a local directory is an additional mean to get more customers. For instance, just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other tools, you can use a local directory to improve your business. 

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