Reider Insurance began back in the year 1966 by Morley Reider & carries on to be a 2nd generation family business, today fully owned and run by Shale Reider, Ronald Reider & Ray Reider. Over the years Reider Insurance has achieved steady expansion through providing clients high-quality insurance policy coverage, personalized service & a friendly method of doing things. The mix of all eight office buildings based in Northgate Shopping Centre, Madison Square, Munroe Shopping Centre, Garden City Square, University of Manitoba, Corydon at Cockburn, Weston Square and Rosenort MB at present controls more than $20m in insurance premiums yearly using a workforce of more than 40 insurance pros. Reider Insurance is a private insurance brokerage service. Our team don’t look out for a single insurance organisation, but instead we look out for our customers. As an independent insurance brokering service, we work as a personal insurance consultant and maintain rigorous professional standards. We can offer a wide array of products and solutions and work with numerous insurance companies from regional Manitoba based Insurance underwriters, nation wide Insurance providers and worldwide Insurance providers. A lot of people use the terms Insurance organisation & Insurance Brokering service interchangeably. However they are not the same, Insurance underwriters & insurance agencies are two completely separate entities. Reider Insurance are insurance advisors, acting as an insurance agency. Our company review the different companies and we help you find the best coverage, the best product, at the best price for you and your particular situation. Our company have experience in the way that insurance policies work and basically translate the insurance contract, the language and terminology so that our customers find it easier to make the right decision. The insurance organisation is the organization with which you actually have the insurance contract with. You pay your premiums to the insurance company and the insurance firm is the one that pays you for your loss in the event that you ever have a claim. Examples of insurance underwriters: Assumption Life, Aviva, Bluecross, Equitable Life, RSA, Lloyd’s to name but a few. Our company shop the market on our clients behalf to find an insurer that will provide the best product and support for their insurance needs & always at a competitive price. If a loss occurs, we are there to assist and support our clients through their claims process. At Reider Insurance, our company take our role very seriously when it comes to helping our clients select the proper insurance to protect their investments. When insuring your home, it is very important to determine the appropriate limit of insurance to be sure that in the event of a total loss claim, that there is a sufficient limit of insurance to rebuild the home. Part of the Reider Insurance service is that our company will conduct a rebuilding cost estimate by asking questions about the home and using appraisal software to work out the rebuild cost of your home so you will always be covered. Whether it is Autopac, tenants insurance, home insurance or firm insurance, our team understand the importance of protecting your valuables. At Reider Insurance, whether you require help with Auto, home, apartment, condominium, small business commercial insurance or group programs, we are able to look after your needs. Our team remain committed to the individual communities that our company live in & work in. Our team are licensed and provide insurance coverage across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia. We believe in building solid relationships with our customers. “We’re in your neighbourhood.” You don’t think about it until you need it, but when you do, you want the best!


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