We have cared for Burnaby’s pooches since 2006. Each furry friend has brought us immense pleasure. Burnaby Dog Grooming is family owned and operated. We specialize in dog grooming techniques that focus on maximizing skill and minimizing discomfort. The founders have an intense love for animals, specifically canines. A certified oral hygiene specialist with a focus on non-anesthesia cleaning is on staff to service your pet’s needs. The founder earned a Dog Behavior and Training Level 1 Diploma in British Columbia. She also carries a current pet first aid certificate. As avid animal lovers, we contribute quarterly to the British Columba Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

In many ways, our furry companions are just like the humans they love. Although we share 25% of the same DNA, 75% of our DNA differs. How we care for and groom ourselves cannot be applied in the exact same way with our furry friends. For instance, the dandruff shampoo you use should not be applied to your pet to rid him of dander. Allow the professionals to take over where you are lacking in knowledge or don’t have time. We are ranked the #1 dog grooming company in Burnaby. By caring for your pet and listening to the owner we are able to provide superior dog grooming services. As dog grooming specialists, we are recognized as experts in this industry.


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